The Beginning

Born in Cranston, Rhode Island, I graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2012 with an accounting degree. I was in a fraternity for all four years during my time there. It’s fair to say that I was an all around average guy while in college. I had some unique points, including rap performances ( if you’re interested; more songs to come soon) and my stint as an orientation leader, but nothing that really made me stand out TOO much. Overall, I did have a ridiculous time in college and there’s not much I would change about it.

The Wake-up Call

Graduating college provided me  the slap in the face that I REALLY needed. After 17 years of structured schooling, it was finally me against the world. No more classes to take and nobody to tell me what to do. I realized I hated accounting and I had NO IDEA what I wanted do with my life (Perfect timing, considering I had just received my accounting degree and spent around 100 grand- Thanks mom). This FREAKED me out. Cue my 21 year old mid-life (well hopefully not literally ‘mid-life’) crisis.

So I figured myself out and RAN SHIT right?!?

Yeah…Not exactly. At least not right away.

I spent the first month and a half frantically searching for jobs on I barely even went out. Looking back, it was pretty pathetic. I was LOST.


The journey all started kind of randomly. Here’s the short version: I went up to Boston for one of my dad’s comedy shows (Yes, he’s funny). Afterwards we went out to the club for some father-son bonding time. Needless to say, hilarity ensued. One $20 cover and a 27 year old brunette girl later, and I was all about the Boston scene. I’ve found myself in Boston nearly every weekend since and I’ve made too many great friends to count. It’s been the craziest summer of my life (Stay tuned for those stories).

What I Learned

I just want to preface this by saying everything I write in this blog ACTUALLY happened. Every technique has been tested. Some will agree, some will think I’m crazy, and some will probably just think I’m an asshole (I am KIND of an asshole :p). That’s completely fine with me. But I really feel that something like this NEEDS to be out there. Every guy can have GREAT success. This isn’t about “tricking” girls into bed, it’s about being a MAN. If you’re genuinely interested in improving and you are tired of the post college slump, keep reading.

One of my BIGGEST realizations was that meeting girls in the “real world” was TOTALLY different than meeting girls in college.

Of course meeting girls in college is easy, but I became fascinated with the RANDOMNESS that post-grad life offered. I quickly realized that without structured “cliques,” anything is possible. I could approach a completely random girl in the bar and say ANYTHING. I could run up to a random attractive girl on the street and have a coffee date with her within 10 minutes. This wasn’t even in my reality before! Where I would sometimes hesitate to express my interest in a girl at a college party , I could now push the interaction and be completely genuine– without the fear of my reputation being affected. This has led to some crazy stories, absurd and ridiculous nights, and some very successful results.


I was having this success and meeting amazing girls, many of my other newly graduated friends were having EXTREME college withdrawals. They couldn’t seem to work the bar scene and complained about how difficult it was to meet girls. I can’t tell you how many times I heard “I JUST WANT TO GO BACK TO COLLEGE!” Some of them started dating old girlfriends or high school flames, but most are still stuck in this rut. While I was out having ridiculous nights, they were going out with the SAME friends, talking to the SAME people, drinking the SAME cheap alcohol, and taking NO risks. This was WEIRD to me because most of these guys had GREAT success in college, some better than me. They were COOL guys. There was NO REASON they shouldn’t have even MORE success after college. It’s not that they weren’t COOL enough or didn’t have enough “Game.” They just didn’t know how to ADAPT to the differences.

My goal is to help you adapt to this post-college existence AND most importantly have FUN along the way. You DON’T have to resort to dating your old girlfriend whose put on a few since high school. C’mon bro, you’re better than that. Embrace the PostGradCasanova lifestyle. Take the journey. It’s WAY too much fun not to.

And if ALL ELSE FAILS and NONE of my advice works, you can always go clubbing with my dad in Boston. Dude is a GREAT wingman, kills it EVERY time.


Dave P

If you have any questions/feedback or want me to cover a specific topic, feel free to contact me:




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